Types Of Cat Litter


If you are a new to the cat ownership arena and you want to purchase the best cat litter for your newly bought cat, you may be confused on which one to choose. You might walk into some of the brand pet stores and get mesmerized by the wide range of products that are available.

Cat litters can be divided into various categories.
The clumping and the non-clumping, the odor controlling and the non-odor controlling, the scented and the non-scented among others. There are a lot of different features that are found in the products. Also, even though all cat litter products absorb the cat urine, the level of absorptivity usually vary among the different products. The last big variance among the products is the price of the product.

Some of the categories have meanings explained as follows;
Clumping or also referred to as scoopable means that whenever the cat urinates in the litter, the wetted particles will clump together to form a clump or a lump. The lump is can then be scooped from the dry cat litter. This is doable by the use of the hand, or it can be mechanized. For a great product, the lumps ought to be firm and need not loosen when allowed to free fall from a height of around twelve inches.

Products which carry out odor control has an ingredient that is capable of destroying the bacteria which produces odor in the litter. There are products which mask the odor by the use of scented ingredients. Visit meowtee.com to know more about the options that you can choose from.

Diagnostic type litter is a recent invention in the industry, and just a few products contain this feature. The products are trying to provide early warnings for urolithiasis which is normally accompanied by a bacterial infection in the cats. This phenomenon is common during the winter months and in cases where the cat has low water intake. Normally, by the time of recognizing the condition in the cats, the process is at an advanced stage, and the only satisfactory treatment is the surgical removal of the calculi. You can also attempt to relieve obstruction by dilating the urethra by the injection of sterile water under pressure and manually compressing the bladder.

Nevertheless, because of the inherent challenges of surgery involving these organs, you might not always get the favorable results. The early warning characteristic of some products involves the change of color of the product and the urine of the sick cat will cause the clumps to change from its normal color to some other predetermined color. Get started at this website.

Watch the video at http://www.ehow.com/video_12311576_moods-cats-through-tails.html to know the moods of cats through their tails.


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